My car’s a total loss/write off, what happens next?

If your car has suffered a lot of damage or requires repairs that almost outweigh the value of the car, it will not be repairable.  

We aim to assess and value your car when you first report the incident to us. If this isn’t possible, we’ll arrange a time for an engineer to inspect your car to confirm. Before this happens, you’ll need to remove all your personal belongings from your car. We’ll then value the car and give you a call to talk you through a settlement payment.  

Your settlement is calculated by deducting your policy excess from your car's valuation. 

If you wish to update the cover to an alternative car, you can do this online by logging into your customer portal or by giving us a call on 0333 043 2066. 

Any new car added to the policy will be subject to the insurer’s standard underwriting and acceptability criteria, this could mean a change in your premium for the rest of the policy year.    

My car is on finance

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