What is an excess?

An excess is the amount you agreed to pay when you purchased your policy, should you need to make a claim. Your schedule will show you which of the below excesses are applicable to you:


Depending on the vehicle and overall risk, some policies include a minimum compulsory excess. Additional excesses will be applied for young or inexperienced drivers.


If you’re buying a comprehensive policy, you can choose to add a voluntary excess. This amount is set by you and can help to reduce your premium. You cant add a voluntary excess to a third party, fire & theft policy. 

Non-approved repairer excess

When making a claim, we’ll provide you with details of our approved repairers. If you choose not to use a 1st CENTRAL approved repairer, an additional excess of £250 will be applied

Young or inexperienced driver excess 

An additional £225 excess is applicable if any driver is under 25 years of age. The excess will also apply if any driver has a provisional licence or has held a full licence for less than 12 months. 

You can view your schedule now in your secure customer portal. 

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