What is 1st CENTRAL Plus?

What is 1st CENTRAL Plus?

Our 1ST CENTRAL Plus policy includes all the benefits under our standard policy, plus Breakdown Cover. Breakdown Cover is provided by the RAC.

See what features are included in our Breakdown Cover.

If you need RAC’s help, please call 0330 159 8714.

View our 1ST CENTRAL Plus Policy Wording on our Insurance document page.

How do I contact 1st CENTRAL Plus?

1ST CENTRAL Plus is offered by 1ST CENTRAL and all usual contact details apply.

View contact details

How do I know if I have a 1st CENTRAL Plus policy?

Log in to your account and select ‘documents’. If you have a 1ST CENTRAL Plus policy, you’ll see that your ‘Insurance Document Wording’ document has a 1ST CENTRAL Plus logo on the front. Your ‘Schedule’ document will show whether Breakdown is included on your policy and what level of cover you have.

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