What is 1st CENTRAL Premier?

What is 1st CENTRAL Premier?

1ST CENTRAL Premier is a new car insurance product offered by 1ST CENTRAL, which includes UK Rescue Breakdown Cover and Legal Expenses Cover as standard. The Breakdown Cover is provided by Call Assist and the Legal Expenses Cover is underwritten by Evolution Insurance Company.

1ST CENTRAL Premier Policy Wording

How do I contact 1st CENTRAL Premier?

1ST CENTRAL Premier is offered by 1ST CENTRAL and all usual contact details apply.

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What cover is included in my 1st CENTRAL Premier policy?

1ST CENTRAL Premier includes the same level of cover as our standard 1STCENTRAL car insurance policy but it also includes UK Rescue Breakdown Cover and Legal expenses cover. 

What’s the difference between 1st CENTRAL and 1st CENTRAL Premier?

1ST CENTRAL Premier offers the same comprehensive, great value, level of cover as our standard 1ST CENTRAL car insurance policy. In addition, it includes UK Rescue Breakdown Cover from Call Assist and Legal Expenses Cover from Evolution Insurance Company.

What’s included in the Breakdown and Legal Expenses Cover on my 1st CENTRAL Premier policy?

UK Rescue Breakdown Cover includes 24-hour roadside assistance anywhere in the UK. If Call Assist can’t fix your car on the roadside they will recover your vehicle and up to 7 passengers to a local garage able to make the repair. Alternatively, you can opt to be recovered to your home address or original destination up to 10 miles from the scene of the breakdown. UK Rescue does not cover you for breakdowns within a one mile radius of your home address.

If you need their help, please phone Call Assist’s 24-hour control centre on 0333 043 2005.

Cover of up to £100,000 to help reclaim your insurance excess and other uninsured losses in the event of a non-fault claim where there is a reasonable chance of success.

If you wish to make a claim please call our helpline on 0333 043 2011.

How do I know if I have a 1st CENTRAL Premier policy?

Log in to your Customer Portal and select ‘My Documents’. If you have a 1STCENTRAL Premier policy, you will see that your ‘Policy Wording’ document has a 1ST CENTRAL Premier logo on the front, and that your ‘schedule’ document will show that UK Rescue Breakdown and Legal Expenses Cover  is included on your policy.

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