What does Protected No Claims mean?

Our guaranteed No claims discount (NCD) protection means regardless of how many claims you make during your policy year. your NCD discount will not be reduced.

NCD protection doesn't protect the overall price of your insurance.

The price of your insurance policy may increase following an accident even if it wasn't your fault.

The table below shows what would happen to your NCD years if you were to make one or more claims in the policy year with and without this protection.

Impact of claims on your NCD

 NCD at next renewal without NCD protectionNCD at next renewal with NCD protection
Number of years NCD at renewal1 fault claim in the next 12 months2 or more claims in the next 12 months1 or more fault claims in the next 12 months
1 yearsNilNil1 years
2 yearsNilNil2 years
3 years1 yearsNil3 years
4 years2 yearsNil4 years
5-7 years3 yearsNil5-7 years*
8+ years4 yearsNil8+ years

*Equal to the amount of NCD you have at the beginning of your policy

Average NCD discount

Number of years No Claims DiscountAverage No Claims Discount

By protecting your No Claims Discount, please note that you are protecting the discount that will be applied to your premium, not the premium itself. Following a claim, your premium may rise.

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