How long is the Direct Debit collection cycle?

Unlike card transactions, Direct Debit is not an instant payment method. The process usually takes 3 working days for a payment to be collected from your bank account with an additional day to allow for an advice of a rejected payment to be received from your bank.

By way of an example, to collect a payment on Wednesday 5th of the month, the collection cycle must commence on Monday 3rd of the month. Any weekends and bank holidays must be taken into account when processing payments by extending the collection cycle accordingly. In addition, whilst it may leave your account on 5th, we don’t get a confirmation until working day 6 if a payment has been rejected, in this case Monday 10th.

Please note, once the payment is in the collection cycle, there is nothing 1ST CENTRAL can do to stop it from being presented to your bank. You can however contact your bank and cancel the Direct Debit but please also remember to contact us to confirm how you will ensure that any payment due is made by alternative means.


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