My policy has been cancelled. What happens next?

Following cancellation of your policy, we will calculate the appropriate “time on cover” and confirm to you in writing if a refund is due to you or indeed if we require you to make a payment for any remaining outstanding balance.

Refunds will be processed automatically within 3 -5 working days following a cancellation of your policy. If we are able to, we will process the refund back to your card. Failing that, we will send the monies back into your bank account (if we already have your details) or send you a cheque – we will be in touch to confirm.

Any outstanding balance can be paid online at or by calling our Instalment Enquiries Team on 0333 043 2088 who will be able to assist you. 

See our opening hours here

Please note, failure to settle any outstanding balance by the due date may result in further action being taken.

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