What are your fees?

Arrangement fees

  • For the set-up of your policy: £50 (non-refundable)
  • For the renewal of your policy £50 (non-refundable)

The £50 fee is included within your overall price. It's not an additional charge but we do have to mention it.

If you cancel your policy at any point after purchase, which includes during the cooling-off period, this fee is retained.

Cancellation fees

  • Before the policy start date: No fee
  • For failure to provide requested documentation when asked, for example, proof of a declared no claims discount or driving licence: £75
  • For non-disclosure and/or misrepresentation: £75
  • For any other reason
    • Within 14 days of policy start date: £0
    • More than 14 days after policy start date: £50

These fees are in addition to the arrangement fee and are charged at the time of cancellation, alongside a pro-rata charge for the time on cover. These charges, less any payments made to us, is how your outstanding balance to pay/be returned is calculated.

Amendment fees

  • Resulting from acceptance of non-disclosure or misrepresentation: £50
  • For any other reason: £30

Please note that due to a change made to our fees structure if you took out a new policy or renewed your policy before the 22nd June 2018 then this fee will be £15 online.

Other fees

  • Direct Debit Defaults, Monthly Payment Failures and Amendments: £30

These fee details can also be found in your Insurance Document Wording.

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