What will happen if I miss my monthly car insurance payment?

If we cannot take your monthly payment because there’s not enough money in your account, we will automatically try to take that payment again within 3 working days (if your bank lets us), but there will be a £30 default fee included.

If the second try is also unsuccessful, we will then ask for you to make the payment to us within 14 days of the date the last payment failed. We ask for the payment to be made within this time to make sure your account is kept up to date and your policy stays live.

If you or your bank cancel your Direct Debit or the card we have on record for you is cancelled, a £30 default fee will be added to any missed payment. We will then ask you to contact us urgently to bring your policy up to date by making a payment by credit/debit card.

Just so you know, once we have asked your bank for payment there is nothing we can do to stop that request.

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